We specialize in finding vital medical information

We provide objective, reliable, up-to-date data so that you and your doctor can together decide what the best treatment is for you.

We provide you with all the information you need about:

Innovative treatments

Treatments that are not yet part of the typical protocol or are in development stages around the world; treatments being used in clinical trials or offered by pharmaceutical companies through special programs.

Specialists and medical centers

Expert physicians, researchers, and medical centers worldwide. Specialists in the specific condition or treatment method outlined in the research.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials test new drugs to verify their safety and effectiveness before being approved by regulatory authorities. Relevant clinical trials can be identified around the world.

Treatment options

Review of treatment options appropriate for a patient’s specific condition, based on diagnosis, stage of treatment, medical history, patient wishes, and more. Treatment options could include conventional, innovative, alternative, or other therapies.

Similar cases and patients

Literature review and review of individual cases that match the patient’s condition, including treatments used and outcomes. Examination of cases similar to the patient are also done, including identification of relevant treatments.

Analysis of treatment options

Investigation of advantages and disadvantages of treatment options, according to information available for each option.

Alternative therapies

Complementary therapies that are not part of conventional medical care, that have been scientifically proven as being effective for the patient’s medical condition.

Treatment of side effects

Treatments from a variety of scientific fields that have been proven effective in reducing the negative side effects caused by the primary treatment method.

How does it work?

You are assigned a personal medical researcher

As soon as the process starts, you will get a personal medical researcher who is dedicated to your case. They will work with you to define the research questions and will be available to you throughout the process as your main point of contact for any questions or status updates.

Collection of medical information

Our team of experts will investigate existing medical information, using advanced data science techniques to locate up-to-date clinical knowledge and data on the condition.

Information analysis and refinement

Our research covers the vast world of medical knowledge, including scientific publications, medical databases, leading journals, professional forums, patient forums, blogs, social networks, and more. Our researchers are expert at identifying and analyzing specific information that’s relevant to each individual patient’s case.

Detailed research report and summary

You will receive a detailed report and analysis, including a summary, comprehensive review of the relevant material with references, as well a letter to your physician with specific issues for you to discuss at your next appointment.